Individual Instrument Coverage


As your skill and musicianship grows, so does the quality and value of the instruments that you play.  In many cases, the loss of an expensive instrument can be extremely detrimental not only to your budget, but also to your business.  High value instruments and their associated equipment can be insured individually, so that your investment is protected.

At Emery & Webb, we have partnered with the leading Inland Marine insurers in the country to bring you the best coverage and the streamlined ease of doing business that your busy schedule demands.  Inland Marine insurance is specifically designed for the following scenarios:

  • High value instruments and equipment
  • Instruments on the road
  • Unique, signed, antique and rare instruments

We can provide worldwide coverage for pianos, stringed instruments, brass, woodwinds and percussion instruments.  Coverage for professionals, semi-professionals, students and music enthusiasts are available.

  • Pianos
  • Brass and Woodwinds
  • Stringed Instruments
    • Violins
    • Violas
    • Cellos
    • Basses
    • Guitars (acoustic and electric), and equipment (pedals, amps, etc.)
    • Harps
    • Ukuleles, Mandolins and other stringed instruments
  • Rented instruments
  • High value instruments
  • Drums

If you play it, we can insure it