12 Ways to relax this Labor Day weekend

12 Ways to relax this Labor Day weekend

The Labor Day weekend dilemma

Long weekends can go one of two ways.  We attempt to mash 25 overdue home projects (including several trips to the home improvement store), 2-3 family get-togethers, dinner with friends, running the kids to sleepovers, and the annual softball tournament into what was supposed to be a relaxing three-day weekend.  Or we have no plan whatsoever, resulting in oversleeping, mismanaged time, missed opportunities and the frustrating feeling on Tuesday morning that we frittered away a three-day weekend and have no lasting memories or accomplishments to take away from it.

Breathe.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Resolution for Relaxation

Even at the 11th hour – meaning 3:30 pm on the Friday afternoon leading into Labor Day weekend – you can still make a Resolution for Relaxation that works in real life.


  • Write down your weekend plan – now take something OFF the list
  • Set your alarm for only an hour after your normal wake up time – don’t over sleep too much
  • Take a walk outside
  • Drink more water
  • Laugh at your kid’s jokes
  • Laugh at your spouse’s jokes
  • Plan now to go to bed early on Monday night
  • Sing along with the radio
  • Take pictures – even pictures of the ordinary will be extraordinary someday
  • If you must work, set aside a specific time for it – and stop when the time is up
  • Each night, write down 5 things that you’re specifically thankful for from that day
  • Drive sober

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, from all of us at Emery & Webb!

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